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exclusive: advisory - diligent: execution - synergetic: collaboration services

Looking back at a 13-year history we are proud of having strengthen our core competences, succeeded in our markets and kept the promises made to our partners and customers.

our service portfolio at a glace...

From the very beginning until now we are providing first-hand, reliable and exclusively managed strategic data / intelligence embedded in adaptive analysis, viability studies, subsidy/financial and scenario tool sets for the private and public sector. These basic tool sets are fundamental for our advisory services, which are closely entwinded with our diligently pursued execution services in specific field, markets or/and situations the corporations or institutions are in. And last but not least we are strengthening our advisory and execution services with our synergetic collaboration services, which are beeing provided locally (on-site) with the abilities, capabilities and capacities required to strengthen or/and complement each of the services provided in a reliable, resilient and sustainded manner. For more please visit our site "expertice".


Three of our accomplishments in facts & figures at a glace:

  1. ongoing single-customer-contracts > 9 years (private sector),
  2. increased public service assignments > 50 % (government public sector),
  3. accumulated single-project-budget > 950 Mio. Euro (PPP).


Three of our latest projects -end 2016- at a glance:

  1. advisory and execution services for a private strategic investor to aquire shares of a international public corporation (PPP),
  2. advisory services - providing capacity building services for ministries and governmental institutions of a south eastern european country  (public sector),
  3. advisory services - financial viability and business model remodeling services for a german governmental insitution in a countrywide program with the local authorities of a north african country (mitigation of CO2 emissions).


our latest honorary activites & memberships...

Between March 2015 and October 2016 we are engaged in the UN Habitat III Conference german intraministerial process, invited to represent the economic perspective in the process / agenda - take a look at the topics, a very interesting process with good results. Download the "Zero Draft Agenda 2030" to lear more about the agreement and objectives  - download


We are member of "German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility", "CREED center for economic development, research & education", "German RETech Partnership e.V."


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