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exclusive: advisory - diligent: execution - synergetic: collaboration services

we at a glace...

Looking back at a 12-year history we are proud of having strengthen our core competences, succeeded in our markets and kept the promises made to our partners and customers.

Our accomplishments in facts & figures at a glace:

(1) ongoing single-customer-contracts > 9 years (private sector),

(2) increased public service assignments > 50 % (government public sector),

(3) accumulated single-customer project budget > 950 Mio. Euro (PPP).

our value proposition...

Providing first-hand, reliable and exclusively managed strategic business intelligence is the fundamental work of our exclusive advisory services, which are interlocked with diligently pursued execution in specific fields, markets and/or situations the management and their companies are in. These services are supported by collaboration and synergetic cooperation solutions joint partners and personalities able and capable to strengthen or/and complement each other towards dynamic corporations, responsible leadership and wealthy growth - globally. We walk what we talk.

Goduni International In Brief
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our latest honorary activites & memberships...

Since March 2015 we are engaged in the UN Habitat III Conference german intraministerial process, invited to represent the economic perspective in the process / agenda - take a look at the topics;
Download the "Zero Draft Agenda 2030"  - download


We are member of "German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility", "CREED center for economic development, research & education", "German RETech Partnership e.V.", etc.



please visit...

"exclusive: advisory" for a deeper insight in business performance / concepts;

"diligent: execution" to learn how we operate diligently and proactively;

"synergetic: collaboration" to build strong, reliable and resilient cooperation models abroad or to build concessionare teams with local corporations;


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