pre-selected projects for the private sector 

Important note:

With respect to our principles and the confidential data policy with our customers, we have decided to neither list the names of our customers nor any detailed information. For more about our references listed here or other issues, please contact us. We thank you for your understanding.

private sector

Glass Manufacturing - flat & packaging
Exclusive advisory services for the board of directors. Market potential analysis, outlined expansion strategy, recommendation, implementation concept.

190.000 employees - Large sized - European Corporation
Environmental Technology - Manufacturing & Distribution
Expansion strategy revewing, market potential analysis, execution services for local management, strategic alliance assessment.

9.000 employees - cap-sized - European Corporation
Automotive Supplier
Advisory & collaboration services, consortial partnerships models and execution services for the management.

11.000 employees - cap-sized - European Corporation
Information & Communication Technology
Implementation of a strategic and transdisciplinary human resource and change for the management (PMI in outsourcing deals).

52.000 employees - large sized - European Coporation
Recycling and Disposal Corporation
Advisory & execution services for one of the largest corporations in the field of circular economy in Germany - strategic market development and merger & acquisition.

About 500 Mio. Euro turnover p.a.