our industrial focus

We cover five main industries in our 29 core countries as in below. We are committed to climate protection and sustainability in accordance with the SDGs of the United Nations and those of the European Union.

industrial production

From the very beginning we have been working with the industrial production and service related industry - providing our full-service portfolio (conceptual and execution advisory backed by collaboration services) to corporations aiming to (re-) define and (re-) structure their business models, supply chains and/or markets.


With the industry becoming globally interwoven we operate and support our customers locally in our 29 core countries and others, as shown in reference chart.


We have started working with and on behalf of the automotive industry in 2001. Within these years we have determined needs and trends of the market, empowering us to design our own sustainable oriented mobility solutions. With "beMotioon - Bewegung im Verkehr" we have established a brand (registered trade mark) - offering process oriented services for a successful transition in public transportation on federal, state and local level.  We anticipate the transition to diverse, leveled out and well-synchronized services of privately and publicly provided services to a smart mobile society.


For more than 9 years we have been working on designing and delivering together with our customers (in diverse high-level teams) sustainable and climate protecting  infrastructure solutions. We work with the private and public sector in this area in different european and non-european countries. Our integrated services cover: commercial, technical, regulatory, environmental, and stakeholder-related issues. Two of our special fields are the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and  sustainable oriented financing for large-scale projects. 

construction & materials

This industry is one of our intersections between private and public sector and large-scale infrastructure projects. Digitalization, volatility in the raw material markets and new regulatories are main drivers of the transformation. We work on structuring and managing the transformation of single business units or entire corporations, as well as piloting a large-scale project for a public call (consortial proposals) or a PPP.

IT & C

Our founder, Armida Hemeling, has been closely working with  multinational corporations of this sector since 2003.  She developed one of most effective competence driven in- / outsourcing models for one of the biggest European IT coporations.


The information and communication technology (IT & C) sector has become  the inner circle of the industrial and digital world. It permanently provides innovative technologies and shapes new digital platforms across industries - like IoT, cloud computing, robotics, Big Data, AI/AGI (artificial and general intelligence).


This sector is evolving and changing equally rapidly as it drives, accelerates and enables the transformation and change of the industrial world.  We are able and capable of supporting IT&C corporations in their strategic desicions, conducting businesses in core markets and supporting management teams.