diligent: execution services

Our work is exclusive and subject oriented - conducted diligently, hence we decided to present our work on this website very briefly by services and programs. We ask interested institutions or corporations to get in touch with us for more information. 

execution services for the public sector

Subsequently to our advisory work we start working on the execution and implementation of the conceptualized solutions.

Execution advisory services basically cover the execution of decisions and the fully implementation of concepts, guidelines and procedures designed during the conceptual advisory stage by working closely together with the governmental and local administrations. We ensure the implementation of:

  • Capacity Building Programs,
  • EU Directives,
  • Competitive Dialogue Procedures,
  • Business Process Outsourcing for the Public Transportation (beMotioon).


Additionally, we organize and hold conferences and stakeholder dialogues on behalf of our clients of the public sector within these project scopes.

execution services for the private sector

The first step of an execution assignment for the private sector usually starts with fine-tuning and optimizing a project at a level of lower risks, best performance and highest possible outcome.

​Our multi-program management plans includes guidelines, templates, IT based frameworks related to the sector / environment. We also provide our clients with local support, backing and supporting the management and technical teams of our clients and/or their partners locally and hands-on. We categorize our execution services as in below:

  • Single-implementation-projects for specific issues (within one sector or market),
  • Multi-project-management for specific approaches (across business lines or countries),
  • Business model transformation programs (geostrategic or innovation driven),
  • Public Funding & Project Financing (project oriented financing solutions by considering public funding/subsidies in EU & abroad),
  • Public Private Partnership-Platforms (structuring, negotiating & pursuing - Due Diligences incl.).

general services for both sectors

Our execution services are backed by workshops and programs ensuring the know how transfer to the clients team.

  • Workshops on conducting and negotiating multinational business for management teams,
  • Leadership Programs for managers of international corporations,
  • Workshops and Know How Transfer on Public Funding and Procedures,
  • Workshops on structuring and evaluating process costs and risks for PPPs (both sides public and private).