synergetic: collaboration services

Our work is exclusive and subject oriented - conducted diligently, hence we decided to present our work on this website very briefly by services and programs. We ask interested institutions or corporations to get in touch with us for more information. 

the setup of bidding & consortial teams 

The first steps of our work usually are advisory related services backed by our collaboration set. This "workflow" (outlined in advisory section) is especially important, when it comes to consortial and PPP models. Both such models have three key dimensions: The one is identifying and evaluating the bankability of a required solution. The other relies on identifying complementary high-end technologies, the right financial model, building consortial / bidding and execution teams. And the third dimension relies on structuring, negotiating and pursuing PPP tenders itself on behalf of the consortial team members with the public side. In this service field we provide profound local and hands-on support for projects as conceptualized during the advisory and execution stage. As of today we are firm in: B2B or B2P as well as with PPPs models for  infrastructure and environmental solutions as well as in IT & C ...


our MEƎS outsourcing platform for "Mittelstand"

The MEES-Outsourcing model has been designed for our medium- and cap-sized customers, in cooperation with them, to improve their market entry & expanding activities (F&E, manufacturing, logistics, sales, after sales). This collaboration service is the back up of „New Horizons Approaches“ outlined in advisory. MEES focuses on matching diligently specified processes & "best fit" provider...


just in brief:

The total MEƎS market volume in 2011 came up to $ 3.100 bn with an average increase of about 11% year-to-year and expected to soar by 2020 at a level of more than $ 5.900 bn.


Strategic Alliances & PPP on-site support

Strategic Alliances have become more important and multinational in the last years, as regions around the globe emerging and forging new economics-technological platforms. Our strategic alliance and PPP on-site support solution focus on building, establishing and strengthening reliable alliances & partnerships between our customers and their future partners. For these services we also provide the management teams of our customers with leadership platforms and coaching services ...