exclusive: advisory services

Our work is exclusive and subject oriented - conducted diligently, hence we decided to present our work on this website very briefly by services and programs. We ask interested institutions or corporations to get in touch with us for more information. 

advisory services for the public sector

​The conceptual advisory work is the first step and basically deals with analysis, research, studies, program conceptualizations. We provide the public sector with:

  • Capacity Building Programs,
  • Implementation Programs for EU Directives,
  • Implementation Programs for Competitive Dialogue Procedures,
  • Transformation Models for the Public Transportation "Verkehrswende mit beMotioon".

advisory services for the private sector

​The conceptual advisory work is the first step and basically deals with assessments, analysis, benchmarks, research, strategy input, scenario-based schemes, conceptualization and programs for specific issues. We provide the private sector with:

  • Business Model Transformation Programs (managing growth & innovation),

  • New Horizons Programs (expansion & multinationalization),

  • Public Funding & Project Financing Schemes (development & commercialization of innovative solutions),

  • Structuring & Pursuing Public Private Partnerships - PPPs,

  • Competence Management Programs (driving innovation & growth).

consortial project management services

Additionally to the outlined specific advisory services (private and public) we conceptualize and pilot our own specific solutions for identified issues and needs for large-scale solutions and projects. In this field we first conduct analysis, pre-plan and pre-design solutions on our own before opening the call for the industries and corporations to bid and anticipate. Having all needed solution partners onboard, we switch into designing, offering and managing the bidding parties throughout the project - known as “Call and Management of Consortial Projects”.


​Two key dimensions and services are:

  • Conceptualizing, piloting and managing projects for recognized large-scale projects (B2B or B2P);
  • Conceptualizing, piloting and managing innovative solutions for Private Public Partnerships PPPs (B&P or P&P).

Our clients and non-clients providing very specific solutions or services for infrastructure projects or PPPs may submit to our database to be considered. Interested corporations may visit our industry site to check, if we operate in their industry and/or may contact us to learn more or to submit for being considered in the next call.

general services for both sectors

As already mentioned we provide both sectors with:

  • Analysis,
  • Assessments,
  • Research & screenings,
  • Feasibility & market studies.