We are an advisory and execution provider to the public and private sector. 

Providing our clients exclusivity, diligence and synergy in our daily advisory and execution work.

Our clients are governmental and other public institutions "Verwaltung" on the one side and on the other innovation and technology driven cap- and large-sized corporations "Mittelstand".

Goduni International GmbH has been established in January 2004 providing exclusively and diligently conducted services for the public and private sector in the field of infrastructure "logistics/mobility - IT/digitalization - circular economy". Each of our experts is highly skilled and experienced in the field of strategic business development based on more than 16 years of management and advisory experience (in that combination). Typically, our projects require solid strategic-adaptive frameworks, deep knowledge and an experienced diverse team - meaning several disciplines and personalities working simultaneously in the same project. Upon these basic steps and clients request we design and diligently pursue together with our clients very specific scenario-oriented and adaptive solutions. The underlying disciplines of each service line are: exclusivity, diligence and synergy.

our three service lines 

We decided to present our services on this website along the performance steps. Sector specific services and solutions are presented on the sub-sites of each service line. 

exclusive: advisory

1) The first step usually is the exclusive conceptual advisory work: assessments, analysis, research, benchmarks, strategy input, concepts and capacity building programs...

diligent: execution

2) In the second step we go operational by providing diligent execution support: finetuned blue prints, detailed masterplans and schemes, frameworks and guidelines, team workshops ...

synergetic: collaboration

3) The subsequent step to advisory or execution is the synergetic collaborative work: setting up and managing consortial projects "Mittelstand", PPP, strategic alliances....

We provide our services in all our 29 core countries.


In these countries we focus on 5 main industries offering all three service lines.


Three of our latest accomplishments at a glance:

customer satisfaction

e.g. on-going services based on single-client-contract over a period of time of 



> 9 years


private sector

growth in core areas

e.g. increased public service assignments in the last years at a level of




> 50 %


public sector

profitability & leverage

e.g. our ebit-margin up to  >26 %. Accumulated single-project-budget for clients



> 950 Mio. Euro