Armida Hemeling

ceo /geschäftsführende gesellschafterin;
offices in germany: tübingen, berlin; 
languages: german, english, french;
personal advisory focus: sustainability & growth in infrastructure throughout european union, south- & east-europe, us, brazil, china, india, morocco, cuba;
personal life: married, one child.

Mr. Matthias Hirsmüller
Assistant to CEO
+49 7071 135 56-53
T. Bosoy
+49 7071 135 56-52
Events and programm management

some further positions

  • senator (Bundeswirtschaftssenatorin) at BVMW Federal Senate - The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
  • board member (scientific advisory board) of a renewable energy corporation;
  • board member of a german association focused on research & education in the field of environment & climate protection;
  • chair of the wg southeastern europe - non profit organization set up by the german federal government in the field of environment & climate protection;
  • participant of the "Housing and Sustainable Urban Development Agenda 2030 of the United Nations 2016" UN Habitat III as a representative of the industry invited by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ);
  • speaker at national and international conferences on "climate adaptation and closed loop solutions - smart green economy", "transformation programs to reduce the use of fossil fuel in manufacturing and power generation processes", "multinational business" - "structuring and implementing ppp models" and "resilient business models for the Global Mittelstand";
  • founder & owner of a distribution industry & pharma corporation;
  • accredited business angel at BAND Business Angel Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.


prior to these capacities Mrs. Hemeling has worked for international consulting companies and in the management board of an european IT corporation operating in more than 42 markets generating a turnover of more than € 8.7 bn per year.

a personal statement of Mrs. Armida Hemeling on climate adaption

selected parts of the position paper transmitted to the EU Commission in August 2018