three of our team key values

ingenuity & curiosity

Our ingenuity and curiosity to find and path new ways, to improve or re-define models / structures, boosting efficiency and ultimately enhancing profitability. Excellence in business is what drives us every day.

capability & capacity

We work in a rapidly changing and multinational environment. In the last 14 years we have built robust and lasting capacities and enhanced our capabilities in order to provide our clients the best possible service.

resilient network

As a specialized corporation we find ourselves in a niche. Keep focusing on our competences requires a global resilient partner network. Our network is built upon fully engaged cooperations, the passion for advising and assisting growth.

advisers´key profile

The following skill and competence aspects are key to us

highly experienced advisers

extensive experience

The extensive experience of our advisers  (each adviser has fifteen to thirty-six years of professional experience in management and advisory) in their advisory fields.

close to market advisers

access and close focus in mind

Exclusive business and market intelligence, direct market access, interconnected with close focus on core business and markets (each adviser has more than eight years of experience with multinational businesses and teams in core markets).

responsible advisers

integrity and responsibility oriented

The personality and integrity (the entrepreneurial attitudes of our advisers) and their willingness to assess and take responsibility/liability for provided services.