Goduni International Advisory Board
Goduni International Advisory Board

exclusive: advisory - diligent: execution - synergetic: collaboration services

our organizational structure

Our advisory team existing of about 39 employed and self-employed advisers is organized along our service lines (advisory - execution - collaboration) and our market focus. Meanwhile based on our strategic parternships and growth we have branches resp. representation in several cities throughout the european union and beyond. The advisory services (our core expertise) are selectively supported and backed in three aspects/ways as below: 

central-locally: at our offices  in Germany

decentral-locally: customer-site or at our closest partners

network-virtually: customer-site and based on our network-platfom

central locally

With headquarters in Germany we operate "centrally" from Tübingen, Berlin, Frankfurt. Our main support and back office teams are organized this way. In certain cases the customers come to our offices working with us on very specific subjects/purpose.

decentral locally

The majority of the projects for and with our customers usually are carried out by mixed project teams (customer and Goduni). The underlying support and working style is organized decentral-locally and/or virtually. In that cases the teams are supported by shared decentralized local back-offices. 

network virtually

Especially for capacity building and PPP programs we set up two to three teams working on specific issues. In these cases the project teams may be situated locally in different countries, depending on the project and customer structure, and co-working virtually, accordingly to the project specifications. We have built our own secure infrastructure for that working style.