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The visiting sites on October 19 for the german delegation

According to the time schedule we are planning to visit 2 to 3 companies and locations near Bucharest with the german delegation on October 19th for them to get an deeper insight into existing and established solutions in Romania. The three visiting sites considered to be visited as in the following - click on the picture to get to the companys website and get more information: 



Sigurec ia a local initiative, implemented in Romania for the collection of household waste - following an official agreement between private companies (the Green Group holding, the Large Retailers’ Association of Romania (AMRCR), Ecopaper SA, Romcarbon SA, ALRO Slatina) and public authorities – the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, municipalities, and recyclers.



The biogas facility, the landfill and the sorting plant of Iridex Group is going to be the second of the visting sites for the german delegation in Bucharest.


The biogas facility has been built in 2011 by Haase and has a capacity of roughly 1,92 MWh and since in operation. That was the first of its kind in Romania. In the last years the facility could increase its capacity about +20%. Iridex could hereby increase the green certification number  at 15.706. Learn more about this project at the website of Iridex Group or by asking out team.



Accoring to the company statement, Rom Waste holds the biggest and most productive solid waste sorting line in Romania and one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. The station automatically sorts the waste according to its type and dimension, also including a manual sorting component. Exclusive in Romania, the RWS project has a complete waste management system with a maximum recovery of fractions that can be recycled and harnessed energetically.