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the capacity building programme for climate adaption

One of our latest and interesting capacity building projects -climate change adaptation strategy services- is called "transforming the industries towards eco-friendly manufacturing" in Southeastern EU / Croatia. In cooperation with MUEG GmbH we have been given the support and funding approval of the Federal German Ministry for Environment, Climate Protection, Construction and Nuclear Saftey for this project. The Croatian Ministry for Energy and Environment - the beneficiary of the project - is also the Partner Ministry for the technolgy forum we will be holding on 20 December 2017 in Zagreb. 

In this specific project our team -seven experts in different fields- was focusing on four areas:

  1. On the assessment and calculation of "energy need" for the performed manufacturing/operations in these industries on national level;
  2. On the assessment and calculation of the "national capacity" - how much  high-quality secondary raw materials may be generated on national level to satisfy/match these needs;
  3. On the assessment and conceptualization of a proper regulation/legislation, technological and funding/financial framework on national and local level;
  4. On the knowledge transfer and adaption support for the Ministry and local Authorities - provided in modules at each phase of the programmme.


Last but not least, the technology forum as a wrap up of the programme bringing all in the programme engaged Stakeholders at the table and initiating the dialogue between them, that has to be continuing as the adaptation takes off. 


The project magazine is avaible upon request in the German and Croatian language.