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some of our current events and programmes

Climate Protection

The latest event of our capacity building program for the public sector

Mobility & Transportation

Our solutions for the transformation of the public transportation and mobility 

On behalf of BMWi

"Mittelstand in Kuba 2018"

One of our latest market entry and expansion projects for the private sector on behalf of a governmental institution

Energy and Resource Efficiency Programme 

In cooperation with our partners in Germany and throughout EU we designed a comprehensive energy efficiency and resource recovery program for the public and the private sector, to focus on in the future. 

Driven by the latest EU regulations, directives and innovations in various technology areas  and sectors we are working on a conceptual-pragmatical manner  to tackle the issues of resource scarcity as well as energy diversification & decentralization in the future. These facts are driving us towards closer cooperation with the public & private sector in the field of climate protection. For more go to "climate protection" above..

"Deutscher Mittelstand" 11/2018 Berlin

"Plattformen Für Globalen Mittelstand"  - in this internal event we will be offering the participants platforms and models to identify, acquire & implement large-scale mobility, infrastructure and mega-smart city  projects.

One of the main topics remains the financial part of such project acquistion and planning based on global, local and regional perspectives, regulations, available instruments.

We will be holding this event with our partners and customers, taking place in Berlin on November 27, 2017. News at "Mittelstand Global" above


Participation by invitation only.

Please contact us info@goduni.de.

some of our past events / conferences

Romanian delegation and study tour to IFAT Munich

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Energy and Economic Affairs (BMWi) Goduni International Advisory Board has organized a study tour and a technology forum during the IFAT 2018  in cooperation with the AHK German Chamber of Commerce in Romania and the German RETech Partnership e.V. About 30 delegations (Local Authorities and decision makers of the public and private sector) came to Munich. They met about 20 german companies and visited four on-site projects and companies. One of the highlights was the forum that was anticipated by around 64 invited participants - among them representatives of BMWi, two of the EU Commission and other representatives of both countries. This event took place on May 15 at a congress hall at IFAT. The program and more information are available upon request. In the following some impressions:

technology forum on "energy and resource recovery"

On December 20 MUEG-Goduni held the technology forum on energy and resource recovery in Zagreb which has been supported by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Climate Protection, Construction and Nuclear Safety and the Croatian Ministry of Environment and Energy. Another partner of this forum was also the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Given to the high-level participants this forum has been very much interactive and a great pleasure as well - addressing and discussing climate protection, the generation and use of secondary raw materials in energy generation and manufacturing processes. All participants were deeply engaged in the discussion finding solutions and outlining ways towards transformation. 

We agreed upon „climate protection doesn´t make sense for ecological reasons only  but increasingly for economical and social reasons … hence, recognizing that fact, we have to engage the industries and societies at numerous levels in this transformation, helping them to see the interests and benefits, to understand and to support it“. Looking forward to the continuing steps...

performance and technology forum of BMWi 

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy  (BMWi) we organized and hosted this performance and technology forum in Bucharest / Romania in 18-19 October 2017 as part of its export promotion program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop new markets abroad. The partner ministry was the Romanian Ministry for Environment. This event focused on technologies and solutions for the Romanian market towards modernization of the circular economy and brought together about 230 participants - central and local Authorities, central and local Agencies, Entrepreneurs and Managers of private and public corporations, Unions and Associations, Universities and other related entities. Thanking BMWi, the Romanian Ministry for Environment and all participants we are looking forward to continuing this dialogue.

UN Habitat III -  Agenda  2030 - 

Between March 2015 and October 2016 we were engaged in the UN Habitat III Conference  german process - invited by the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) to represent the economic perspective in that process / agenda - take a look at the topics. It was a honor and a pleasure as well to be part of this great and important global event. We evidently believe housing and infrastructure are going to have a huge impact in the years ahead, with a market far beyond 3 trillion US$.  Bringing all relevant stakeholders together and providing them with a diligently executed support is key to us, esp. for the cap-sized and SMEs collaborating on a consortial or PPP basis, thus large-scale infrastructure  projects require a set of competences and expertise that usually cannot be provided by one single cap-sized corporation alone. Contact us for more on that.

Here you can see the results of Quito - Download the revised "Zero Draft Agenda 2030".

high-level german-croatian economic-technological conference - January 28/29, 2016 in Bonn 

Many thanks to the german Federal Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Construction and Nuclear Saftey (BMUB), German RETech (RETech), the Croatian Ministries, municipalities and all the representatives of the public and private corporations participating the second german-croatian economic-technological conference of RETech, which took place in Bonn on January 28/29, 2016. Special thanks to all who anticipated the interactive discussions, provided their input for the further steps we agreed upon - e.g. "Modernization needs a market" - meaning all the measures to be taken by each actor and altogether in concert to pursue a balanced supply-demand in order to successfully complete modernization plans. This agreement is essential for future steps we are heading. If there are any questions or special interests about this event, please contact us info@goduni.de

Goduni International Advisory - Copyright all rights reserved 2016 Armida Hemeling speech - German-Croatian Conference of RETech & Federal Ministry For The Environment (BMUB)

the first german-serbian BMWi technology forum in serbia

in panel, Serbian Ministry, German Embassy, EU Commission, Mrs. Armida Hemeling Opening Speech - German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - in panel, Serbian Ministry, German Embassy, EU Commission, Goduni Int. - Mrs. Armida Hemeling

We did successfully organize and host the first german-serbian "Recycling & Waste Management Technology Forum" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Belgrade on 2015, 02-04 November participated by 216 decission makers (Ministries, Municipalities, state-owned and private-held corporations, NGOs, Banking, etc.) in cooperation with Conoscope and German RETech. Once again we would like to thank the stakeholders for their confidence, trust and support as well as our partners and all participants. Please take a look at IXPOS (in german) to learn more about the results.

the international circular economy conference of GIZ

International Circular Economy Conference of GIZ, PKS and Sebian Ministries in Belgrade 2015

Our special thanks to the organizers of Eco Expo (GiZ & PKS) for inviting us and to all participants for the very interesting panel discussion on March 19-20, 2015 in Belgrade on PPP transactions and collaboration models. To learn more please visit www.ecoexpo.rs

the first technology congress in Sao Paulo

(r) Mr. Petro Bigardi - Mayor; Armida Hemeling, Mr. Prof. Dr. Klaus Fricke - University Braunschweig; Mr. Anguinaldo Leite - Secretary of State; Mr. Cristiano Guimaraes - Director
Speech of Mrs. Armida Hemeling at the first german-brazilian technology congress in Sao Paulo

The first german-brazilian technology congress took place on Dec. 16-17, 2013 in Sao Paulo, Jundiai, focusing on environmental technologies, sophisticated, high-end solutions and services. Mrs. Armida Hemeling was invited to give a presentation and speech on structuring and executing public-private transactions. Around 480 invited representatives of the state government, public institutions & municipalities, public and private banks, insurances as well as private corporations took part in this congress. To learn more about, please take a look at our internal newsletter below.