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Goduni International Advisory Board

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synergetic: collaboration

our three core centers of collaboration at a glance

The Setup of Bidding & Consortial Teams 

Solution, competence and financially driven

The frist steps of our work usually are the advisory followed by execution services and last but not least flanked by our collaboration services. This "workflow" due to the tools, skills and discipline required in each single service is especially important when it comes to PPP models. Our PPP collaboration model has two key dimensions: The one relies on identifying complementary high-end technologies, the right financial model, building consortial / bidding and execution teams. And the other dimension relies on structuring and pursuing PPP tenders itself  - infrastructure, environment, IT&C ...

Our MEƎS Outsourcing Plattform for "Mittelstand"

Competence and efficiency driven

The MEES-Outsourcing model has been designed for our cap and large sized customers, in cooperation with them, to improve their market entry & expanding activities (F&E, manufacturing, logistics, sales, after sales). MEES focuses on matching diligently specified processes & "best fit" provider...


just in brief:

The total MEƎS market volume in 2011 came up to $ 3.100 Bln. with an average increase of about 11% year-to-year and expected to soar by 2020 at a level of more than $ 5.900 Bln.

The Strategic Alliances & PPP On-Site Support

Technology and market driven 

Strategic Alliances have become more important and multinational in the last years, as regions around the globe emerging and forging new economics-technological platforms. Our strategic alliance and PPP on-site support solution focus on building, establishing and strengthening reliable alliances & partnerships between our customers and their future partners. For these services we also provide the management teams of our customers with leadership plattforms and coaching  services ...

The objective of our collaboration solution is identifying, synergizing and qualifying the right partners to set up "complementary business models" to deploy and empower the heavyweight (multinational) management teams.

Roughly outlined: during the advisory phase we analyze and assess the "as is" and "to be" facts, figures and data of the customers in their industries, partnerships and markets. We work out scenarios, conduct feasibility studies and best fit concepts. After the decision has been made, we go deeper into implementation , following a subsequently implementing approach with the management team, partners and employees - this is the part of our diligently conducted execution services. The collaboration services are an essential complementary part of our advisory and execution work, that means they are vertically interlinked with both services - backing the results. We call it also a "holistic approach".


As stated above the lynchpin of our collaboration services is the "complementary business" approach. Our experience has shown us, that our customers are pretty aware of their "competitive environment" and technological (re-) evolutions ahead, some more than others but in the scope of each. However, when it comes to cooperation and collaboration the "used to be successful" receipe of vertically or horizontally acquisitions still dominate the thinking and acting of many decision makers. At this point we see and pursue another approach we strongly believe to be more successful in times ahead: the "complementary business" - designed for geographical diversification and portfolio-diversification. To learn more about our collaboration approach, please contact us.