Goduni International Advisory Board
Goduni International Advisory Board

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exclusive: advisory services

three of our core advisory centers at a glance 

The Four Global Strategies

Growth & transformation of business models in the globalization age

This modul/approach has been developed upon numerous assessment and analysis tool sets helping management teams of cap sized european corporations in their strategic process to identify their best-fit future organizational structure, core competences and capabilities in the technological and geostrategic context of the marktes and in doing so defining the future growth and transformation corridor ...

The Capacity Building Programme

Technology and market driven capacity building programmes for the public and private sector

We provide our clients of the private and public sector with capacity building services in our core countries, incl. managerial and financial advisory and execution support - e.g. business/market assessments or governmental funding, subsidies, bonds, etc. In each project and market we work exclusively on research, data & facts collection, clustering, assessments and also, if necessary, approaching and management on behalf of our customer -  the last mentioned are part of our execution services ... 

The Private Public Partnership Concept

An across-sector approach towards private public partnerships (PPPs)

We provide our customers of the private and public sector also with the whole set of PPP instruments and tasks - e.g. conducting research & analysis, transaction structuring, preparing & conducting due diligences, seeking & setting up consortial parties & the business and financial structure, forging the solution across a consortial bidding team, assisting throughout the transactions incl. transition period (on-site) - the subsequently following steps can be "execution or collaboration services" depending on the customer needs & specifications ... 

"The more unmanaged or mismanaged business intelligence you feed into your corporation system, business frameworks or/and your strategy process, the bigger the cleaning-up-measures and miscalculations following. A good adviser is someone knowing that and prevent lack of management, resp. mismanagement, - while an excellent adviser is someone  going steps further providing you with well-structured first-hand, exclusively managed input facts and data, adaptive analysis framworks, resilient business models and back your teams and decisions, as we do!"

                                                                                           by Armida Hemeling, 2015