Goduni International Advisory Board
Goduni International Advisory Board

exclusive: advisory - diligent: execution - synergetic: collaboration services

We are an advisory and execution provider for the public and private sector. 

Providing our customers  exclusivity, diligence and synergy in our daily advisory work. Our customers are governmental and other public institutions on the one side and on the other innovation and technology driven mid- and cap-sized corporations.

The very basic step of our daily work for both customer areas is providing first-hand, well-structured, reliable strategic business data / intelligence on markets, industry sectors and technologies alongside diligently conducted analysis, research, studies and concepts. Upon these basic steps and customer request we design specific and adaptive solutions and scenario sets. These two mentioned areas are fundamentals of our work and models of each service line: advisory, execution or/and collaboration. The underlying disciplines of each service line are: exclusivity, diligence and synergy. As an example, the underlying discipline of our advisory work is "exclusivity": meaning, every single input data and facts have been obtained, structured and managed exclusively in accordance with the client´s needs, request and situation at hand. Putting on a concert our programs, toolsets, our vast experience, our network and this underlying discipline leads us to the promise and slogan "exclusive: advisory services". The same logic applies to "diligent: execution" and also to "synergetic: collaboration". This approach helps us and our clients to get the categories right to the issues at hand.

our service lines

We are highly experienced advisers working with the private and public sector in Germany, Europe and abroad. We provide our customers:

exclusive advisory

Our programs in the service line advisory are provided in all our core countries upon customer needs

  • Capacity Building Program
  • Transformation Models for Public Transportation
  • Business Model Transformer
  • Public Funding & Project Financing
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Analysis, feasibility & market studies, benchmarks & assessments

diligent execution

Our programs in the service line execution are provided in all our core countries upon customer needs

  • Business Process Outsourcing and Financing (Transformation of the Public Transportation)
  • Implementation of comprehensive solutions
  • Leadership in multinational business
  • Commercial Due Diligences / Financial Viabilities
  • Holistic infrastructure solutions
  • Competency Management

synergetic collaboration

Our programs in the service line collaboration are provided in all our core countries upon customer needs

  • Conceptualization & piloting of innovative projects  
  • Set-up of consortial bidding teams 
  • Set-up of outsourcing  platforms 
  • Establishing strategic alliances  
  • On-Site PPP & bidding suppor